Davin and Natalie

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    Another wedding on High Rock! It was another great experience with the same great family! And getting to know Davin's family was a pleasure! It amazes me how the pictures can be so different at the same place, with the same family, on the same weekend! Davin and Natalie were a great couple to work with. Davin kept everyone smiling:) And Natalie was a VERY easy bride to work with! I enjoyed their wedding so much! Thank you for the opportunity. I hope everyone enjoys the photos! Lindsey

John and Annadea

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    This wedding took place in beautiful Washington. The setting was absolutely amazing. I totally enjoyed the spectacular views! John and Annadea were a wonderful couple to work with! And their families were just as great! I felt so honored to be chosen as their photographer. Thank you John and Annadea for the wonderful opportunity!